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Library Resource Guide for RLC Students: LRC

This guide is to assist students requiring library resources.


About this Guide

This guide provides information about the Rend Lake College Learning Resource Center electronic resources.  These resources can be used to locate information for research assignments, class projects, and presentations. The licensed electronic resources in this guide can only be accessed by current Rend Lake College students and staff using the same login credentials as Blackboard, Warriormail, and Online Student Records. If you do not have your login information, please call the Rend Lake College IT Help Desk at (618) 437-5321 ext. 1259.  For questions about the electronic resources please contact (618) 437-5321 ext. 1276 or email:

Citing Information

The rules of Citations may have changed since these sites were last updated. Make sure to check with your instructor on which style of citation they require.

Give credit where credit is due

RLC Plagiarism Statement:

"Plagiarism – Representing the words or ideas of another as one’s own in any academic exercise. Any ideas or materials taken from another source for any use (either written or oral) must be fully acknowledged. Offering the work of someone else as one’s own is plagiarism. The language or ideas thus taken from another may range from isolated formulas, sentences or paragraphs to entire articles copied from books, periodicals, speeches or the writings of other students found in printed materials or through electronic sources. Material that is copied and pasted from the Internet, without recognizing the authorship, is plagiarism. The offering of materials assembled or collected by others in the form of projects or collections without acknowledgment also is considered plagiarism."

2018-2019 RLC Student Handbook

Electronic Resources

Research Databases

Many more databases can be found through the Electronic Library A to Z Electronic Resources list.

I'll Share It - RLC Catalog


Logging into the electronic resources, requires the same username and password that is used for Canvas or Warriormail. To change your password for all RLC services, go to the Rend Lake College homepage. Under "My RLC," select "Manage Account." For problems logging into the electronic resources, call the IT Help Desk at (618) 437-5321 ext. 1259 or email:


  • "I can get into Canvas but not Warriormail or the databases." - If you have changed you password in Canvas, that new password will work only for Canvas. If you don't remember your original password, call the IT Help Desk, ext. 1259.
  • "Nothing is coming up when I search." - Your search may be too narrow. Try searching for a broader topic. (i.e. "Animal Rights," "Racism," "Gun Laws."

Evaluating Resources

Evaluate all information, especially when it comes from the internet, before using it for research projects.  These two sites will help determine if the sources provide reliable information.

 "5 Ws of Website Evaluation"

Applying the CRAAP test

CRAAP Test Worksheet

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